All About Orchidariums

Orchidarium, llc.

What is an Orchidarium ?

Orchidariums are new type of wardian cases for the cultivation of happy miniature orchids. They are an improved and managed environment for growing miniature orchids. Restripias, laelias, rupicolias, lepanthes, small cattleyas, phals, paphs, a few neos, and many other genera have been growing in test models for over a year now. The blooms have been exciting, and this model is the most fun to date. 

Orchidarium, llc.

Do I Need an Orchidarium

The Orchidariums are fully functioning all-in-one unit and are small enough to fit anywhere. They can be described as an easy to use, assemble, and clean. This tabletop model is for people to grow mini orchids in their homes all year long. If you grow miniature orchids you will need proper humidity (60 to 80%), air movement, and cool led lighting.

Orchidarium, llc.

History of Orchidariums

Rick Jacobs first designed Orchidariums at his industrial design firm Design North. Designer Amy Bauer first put the words together from orchid and terrarium, for a wardian case, to create a name – Orchidarium. Rick’s brother Robert Jacobs ran the Orchidarium Company from 1994 until 2015 when his health became a challenge. Robert is on the mend now and sometimes answers questions and takes phone orders.

Both brothers inherited the orchid bug from their father who built orchid greenhouses and grew orchids in central Ohio in the '60's and 70's. They still grow and bloom his jungle collected R. Digbyana.

The Orchidariums